Bitung, A Quiet Harbor

Checked in at Lembeh Hill Resort - Bitung,  felt like I'm zapped into bygone years..
seems like time stands still here. Quiet, remote and secluded. How can I ask for more?

Church bell rang from a distance, coconut trees sway its leaves,
and no other sound than the wind that blows through the trees and water that ripples..
Peaceful. I could almost hear the voice of my thought.

"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature"
~Anne Frank


Belle Mer part Deux

More pics of the sea and the island...
From Manado with love :-)
Happy holiday everyone!

La Belle Mer

Me and Manado Tua Island
On our way to Bunaken; we planned to watch dolphins in the afternoon.. but just when we were just departed, pilot whales danced around us.  Awesome!
Pilot Whales Surprise

 The water is so clear, you can see what's inside - too bad I don't own underwater  camera shell.
Corals as seen from sea surface

Sea Chronicles

Me, on the boat. Yeeha!

Few things that always remind me of sea..

Warm greetings, from somewhere between Manado and Bunaken..


High Over Manado

Morning sight
Nothing much to see at my first day in Manado.. but the view from the balcony - it's breathtaking!
I just wish I got a super-wide lens, so that I could share the magnificent view I've witnessed.
Oh, well...  next time, perhaps :-)
Night Light

Sun sets over Manado


Dressed For Holiday

Yay, it's holiday, finally! And everyone's going out somewhere. If you find it hard to renew your wardrobe with lines that represent the uniquely you, try EDBE - Eddy Betty's second line cum prêt à porter. Designed to stand out of the crowd, this twisted batik dress: loose, modern asiatic mood and fun design will not disappoint you. Each is made of fine hand painted batik tulis -  picked and collected carefully; it guarantees that you'll own the only piece ever made.

And when that is not enough, 
here's a peek for the latest collection to be presented on the next trunk show, 
4 October 2011 -Mulia Hotel -Jakarta. 
And guys, don't worry, they got  men's line, too!
sshh.. here's the next season sneak preview

EDBE is located at 
Jalan Gunawarman no. 30 South Jakarta
phone: 02172792295


Pattern Jungle

Sumba Woven Textile
Whenever you visit any Indonesian fair, you'll find a crazy collection of traditional textiles.
Batik Lasem
Buketan Pattern - Pekalongan
Colorful hand-pressed Tasikmalayan Batik
Batik Mega Mendung - Cirebon

The Art of Exhibition

Rather unusual exhibition and bazaar, but I kinda like it. Though it's been such a painstaking work with many sleepless nights, well, it turned out to be quite lovely.

I assume that you've missed the event, so let me tell a little bit:
it's an expo held by Bank Mandiri for its creditors: craftsmen, batik maker, food and all; held  at Jakarta Convention Center 18-21Aug 2011, it boasted around 200 tenants. I got a shop-hysteria!

the Lounge: a mix of different era furnitures with 50's mood

The Kitchen

The Vertical Garden at the dining area, it's 15m long and 5m high each!