Going Round The City

Don't ask me where is these or what is that, because I just snapped from the car, from one place to another for work in a rush. I shoot like crazy sometimes, because I know, I won't visit this city as often as I wish.

Flower Shops

I got some chances to visit many flower shops thanks to the job, and I really love each of them :-) 
Unfortunately I didn't have much chance to take pictures: I had to run here and there, chasing with time to finish the abundant tasks on time. Oh well, at least I got some to share it here.. voilà!

Paris Buildings in Black and White

Some pictures are best seen in black and white I suppose, so hope you like these photos as much as I do, too.

Autour de Paris

Around Paris, you'd only see beautiful old buildings and many more beautiful old buildings.  That's why I'm in love with this city.. so pretty wherever you go.