Dare To Be Wrong!

Whenever I'm sunk in despair, especially when I'm way too tired, have no idea of what to do next and afraid of losing my little magic, these words really are a super lift ups!


A Small Wedding

Small doesn't mean you can't do elaborate thing. It's, in fact, a chance to pay attention in details.
Here's an example of a simple wedding with extra detail in flowers. With just a simple screen as a background, the extra large flower arrangement and its extension that hugs the sofa, it upscales the whole look. The all-white with a touch of  gold gives height and more flair.


No Smoking!

It's hard to find in Japan, even a small corner in most public area, to smoke.
Wherever you turn your head, you'll find these signs, big or small.


When Srivijaya Meets Moroccan

Another unique request to marry Srivijaya culture with Moroccan theme. But well, both loves spice and rich colors, lavish decor and golden hues. So, why not?

If you want to know more about Stupa Caspea, the decorator of this awesome wedding,
you may click it's official blog, here

Underground Beauty

Not so common request : roses arranged in an uncommon way, 12m long long-table, and not just one, but two!
Well, the event was not that common either, it's the private launching of a prestigious chameleon car.

Summer Is Coming

Another summery - picnic-ing theme for summer collection of Centro Department Store. Lovely cute things.


Roses, Roses

Roses; any color, any size. It's always lovely to see, touch and smell roses.



Flower garland can make things look beautiful. Just add garland anywhere, and presto!  It can soften a tough look, and in this case, it can tame even the wildest lion, almost literally.


Well Weathered

A small cafe in Bandung. Somewhere near Burangrang street, if I'm not mistaken :-)
Not a surprise design, but likely well thought with warmth in mind. Lovely.