A Place By The River

This is where I used to spend my quiet time when I was a kid.

the river used to be very deep and dangerous,  not anymore

I've known these steps all my life

Sitting at the Brantas riverbank watching the water flows, and waiting the sun sets, and making my grandma worried for not being home at dusk. That was what I love to do..
All memories came all of sudden,
and it's really hard to take it all 

And this house was my curiosity: I used to try peeking what's inside -which I never succeeded because the wall was too tall for a small kid. And now when I grow old, I still can't see through it, because they've built the wall higher :-(


Wedding Made In Heaven

The Dance Floor
Well, it's just  another wedding for some;
but what makes the difference is not that this is a celebrity's wedding;
I think it's more because the people involved in this event did this wedding with full of joy and love.

The Wedding Favor

And here are some pictures of how we made it :-)

And this is my corsage!
Flowers: Flora Lines
Decor: Stupa Caspea
Venue & Catering: Mulia Hotel


A Granny Who Sells Flower

Before visiting my late grandma's tomb, I had to stop buying flowers, as an Indonesian tradition to offer flower petals for the soul. And there I saw, another granny selling flowers. And time stand still...

The Suramadu Bridge

The Suramadu Bridge (Indonesian: Jembatan Suramadu), also known as the Surabaya–Madura Bridge, is a bridge with three cable-stayed sections constructed between Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura in Indonesia. Opened on June 10, 2009,[1] the 5.4-km bridge is the longest in Indonesia and the first bridge to cross the Madura Strait.
Unfortunately we weren't allowed to stop and take pictures on the bridge, so here're some bit blurred  images of the  colorful lighted bridge.

More story about Suramadu bridge: find it here and here


Vieilles Dames de Soerabaja

An old grand lady will never really loose her beauty,
though it fades through ages, the charm somehow stays
the lemonade factory is still running until today, managed by local government

A beautiful house located at kapasan area, now turns hotel Ganefo ( formerly named Hotel Hollywood )
was a house owned by Maire The Ing Bian centuries ago.
If you love sipping tea and whiling away the day in old-worldly surroundings, then Ganefo may be for you. Its fantastic colonial lobby and terrace are perfect for late-afternoon tea drinking, imagining what was then.

Me, between two mirrors
Hotel GANEFO is located at
Jl Kapasan 169-171
tel: +62 0313711169