Major Mass Makeover

Decorating a wedding,  mostly are a big makeover. But this wedding in the coastal area of Semarang- Central Java, took more than that. Located in a half-done building, we have to work covered in dust, hot and moist during the day, cold and windy by the night, to make it look decent for a wedding.

 Even some walls are yet to be covered. Some ceiling to be installed. And we're running out of time.

 These are our heroes... without them, none  of this would ever happen...

  And this is when everything is ready.. just in time. Phew!...


Le Bon

Bon means 'good' in many sense. And this bar and restaurant that bearing this name is no exceptional. The interior, the food and the service, c'est si bon! ( of course it comes with a price ).
Located within an old building, it blends well with Phillip Satck's and other designer's furnitures and lighting. The eclecticism goes well instead of goes mad. You should try.

for more about this restaurant and bar, visit it's official web, here
and for a nice review, here

This story finished my story about Paris, sadly..
oh well, never mind, there'll always be next time. 
So let's visit some  more other places  before we're too old to do that :-)

25 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris - France
reservation: +33 1 40 72 70 00



Métro de Paris

No story about Paris is complete without mentioning Métro or Métropolitain, the underground rapid transit of the city. Famous for its Art Nouveau style ( metro was first opened for the Exposition Universelle in 1900 when art nouveau was à la mode )  the signage is quite something. Unfortunately I dont have much chance to find more signs of Metro, nor enjoy riding this transportation. may be some other time.

For more info about Paris Métro find it here, a brief yet clear overview from wikipedia. If you want to know more, find it here, a nice story with more photos of beautiful metro signs and stations.


Musée Carnavalet - Museum of Paris History

Got a chance to do a quick visit to this museum on my way to work. The Musée Carnavalet's fascinating permanent collection is a must for both history buffs and those interested in learning about Paris' complex history. The collection gives a vivid, visually engaging account of he the city's history, from its foundings to the present day. The museum is housed in a stunning Renaissance-era building, the Hotel Carnavalet, in Paris' lively and elegant Marais district.

Anyone wishing to understand Paris' multi-tiered, complex history would do well to pay a visit to the Carnavalet Museum. Housed within the walls of two Renaissance-era mansions, the Hotel de Carnavalet and the Hotel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau (built in the 16th and 17th centuries, respectively), the Carnavalet Museum's permanent collection traces the history of Paris across over 100 rooms.

The garden is meticulously maintained throughout the year. Beautifully crafted french style,  it is a visual bonanza. And one more thing, the entrance is free! If you're a museum freak, you must visit this place, or at least check it first, here, here, and here. Unfortunately, its official web is still under constructions.
Statue of Le Roi du Soleil, Louis XIV will greet you here

Bust of Marie Antoinette

Each room represents a different era