Wishing For Prosperity

It's Lunar New Year in Chinese calendar. And people are wishing for a big prosperity throughout the year.
Not to forget that we should have some deposit in Heaven's bank. Burn some money and send it to our account there. That's more or less in Chinese culture.
The night before new year, people would stay awake till midnight, and send prayers to the God for a good year. They burn some 'heaven gold money' - made of recycled paper specially printed for such occasion -  for a better living in the next life in heaven. Now we are ready to face the water dragon year!

Happy Lunar New Year 
my dear chinese fellas!
xīn nián kuài lè, gōng xǐ fā cái, bù bù gāo shēng
新年快乐  恭喜发财  步步高升


Richly Ornated

One more wedding we've made. It's always a joy to see how it started and finally came into shape, keep perfected until the last minute before the party started. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Venue  : Ballroom @ Mulia Hotel - Senayan Jakarta
Decor   : Stupa Caspea
Flowers: Bimo Aryo

Silvery Wedding

It's always delighting to see a beautiful wedding. And being part of the team, I can't resist the temptation of immortalizing the beauty created :-)
This time the theme was a little touch of Christmas in silver and a dash of blue. I soooo love Christmas!


Venue : Ballrom @ The Dharmawangsa Hotel
Decor  : Stupa Caspea
Flower: Bimo Aryo

The Grand Old Lady

I 'm so happy that I got a chance to visit this old restaurant, a grand two-storey mansion built in 1928 formerly the private residence of the millionaire in the Dutch East Indies, F.Brandenburg van Oltsende; the owner of extensive tea, rubber and cinchona estates.

This Gong from the 18th century will greet you once you're in
Hendra Gunawan ( 1918 - 1983) 's paintings were allover the place, as well as antique furnitures and artifacts. The classic beauty of this restaurant, opened in 1968, has set the benchmark of a fine Indonesian restaurant.
Great teakwood beams span the ceilings of the room, high above a sweeping checkerboard of gleaming white and black tiles. The strong colors are softened by incandescent wall lamps and the flood of light from magnificent crystal chandeliers, and by an enormous backlit, stained-glass window designed by the Dutch artist Robert Deppe. It depicts the Dutch humanist, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466 - 1536), astride a horse, and the family coat of arms.
Main dining room, Kalimantan Room
But what I love the most was the Topeng Bar, very strong in theme it displayed Hendra Gunawan's masterpieces as well as other artists depicting masks, and displayed a vast collection of  antique Indonesian masks as the background of a classic gentlemen's club: leather seats, and checkered black and white floor. Impressive.
Hudoq ( borneo's mask that symbolizes the holy spirit )  welcomes you to the bar 

Oasis Restaurant
Jalan Raden Saleh 47, Jakarta Pusat 10330
Ph. (021) 3150646
Fax.(021) 31937131
E-mail: reservation@oasis-restaurant.co.id
Website: www.oasis-restaurant.co.id


Snow Falls in Sapporo

These are moments I've seen there.
Sapporo, blessed by snow, they said. I think it's true.

outside my widow
Snow bear!

Dining Japanese Way

Visiting some Japanese restaurant when I was there, from Kaiseki to Izakaya ( wonder what does that mean? just click the names and wikipedia will provide the answer) the experience were awesome . And the sight were the pleasure of its own.
Izakayas are often called akachōchin ("red lantern") after the red paper lanterns that are traditionally displayed outside izakaya.

Happy customer obviously :-)

Never thought I could miss japanese food so much. 
But wait, eating in Japan that's what I miss the most! :-)