Shopping Day

Again as always,
visiting traditional market is a lot of fun.

Pasar Kumbasari - Denpasar

Delicate Crochet

Found this thing around the lush layered rice field of Tegalalang - Ubud-Bali.
Beautiful old-fashioned craft.


Java Chronicles

Javanese wisdom, on architecture and stuffs;
Though we may not understand it anymore,
we could still admire its beauty.

Old Java

View around the outer side of palace's old wall.
A living as old as history...


More Beautiful Mosques

Stumbled upon this old mosque;
but I can't find any story about it.
A beautiful place well ornated with layered roof, crowned, pretty much Javanese.

 Masjid Margoyuwono Langenastran
Jl. Langenastran Lor no.9,Yogyakarta

...and another mosque: Masjid Agung Karaton Yogya; built during the reign of King Hamangku Buwono I.
I can't say it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen, but from this mosque I can tell, 
how Jogjakartans worship God.

More stories about this mosque, you can find it here, and here.


We're Getting There

We all are getting old. 
But how we're getting there, it's all up to us.
That's what I saw on these people I met on my visit to Jogja.

Getting old and accept the change naturally, and gracefully,
that's what I intend to do.