Vintage Romantic

Magazine spread photoshoot with BellaDonna. We made a french-vintage in candy colors, for a traditional West Java delicacies and dessert buffet. Enjoy!

Venue, decor & props: Stupa Caspea's office, 
The Glass House, Jl. Wijaya I no. 50
food: Al's catering

Oh, anyway, for you guys the decor and flower suckers, now Stupa Caspea has built its own blog (which happen that I help them deliver, so it's my baby, too). Have a look, click here and give your comments!


I didn't got chance to take photos before it's decorated, but trust me it was horrible, since the area was half done. Cables hung here and there, debris and all. The wall was bare gypsum and wood board. I could go on with all that. But we have to make it done so it would be ready for the party the following evening. SInce it's done, now can you tell that the area was a half done building if I didn't tell you that?

venue : Keraton Apartment - Plaza Indonesia
decor : Stupa Caspea


The Old Noodle Restaurant

A humble restaurant I've known as long as I could remember. The taste, the look, the color of the restaurant. Everything doesn't change much. 

Have you ever have that kind of feeling, when you come into a place, and all the story of your past played before your eyes? It always happens to me here, in this old little restaurant.

Mie Baso Linggar Jati - located at a small street behind the Bandung Residence


The Dome

I keep admiring this lobby for quite awhile. It's glass dome and chandelier, it makes me feel being in somewhere in bygone era.
Although it's relatively new, and doesn'tt match with the existing building  the rebuilt lobby of Sampoerna's Strategic Building always amazed me.

Back Stage

Just a few things I've noticed on the backstage of a concert.


Not A Very Ordinary Shower

Shower ceremony takes a very important role in Indonesian culture. Water is consider as a purifier for life, and in every stage of life, from birth to death, this ritual takes place. The 7th month pregnancy is one of those, so a shower ceremony is held at this stage, and a client asked us to decorate the event. 

The mother-to-be requested that the flowers to be yellow.  Easy-peasy.  We gathered all kind of yellow flowers we could find: golden shower, cymbidium, moth and mokara orchid, roses, sunflower, tulips, and some exotic plants like solanum mammosum, beehive flower, calathea and so forth. Strings of jasmine garlands is a must, done. But she asked us not to do the flowers like a wedding. So we come up with this asymmetrical arrangement, a rather wild and lush one. What do you think?

Decor: Stupa Caspea
venue: a residence at Widya Chandra


Veiled Beauty

I'm quite hesitate, which one makes what beautiful. The gown, the model, the make up, the accessories, hm... A beautiful package wrapped in veil.

Gown: Tex Saverio
Accessories: Rinaldi A. Yunardy

It's All in The Detail

Got a chance to watch Tex Saverio bridal show awhile ago,.. how young and how talented. Im no expert in fashion, but I happen to enjoy it, and I'm sure Tex Saverio could be a huge designer in no time. Even now he has designed and made a dress for Lady Gaga and published in Harper's Bazaar Magazine's cover! Wow.

He's young, still around 26 years old, still full of energy, as you could see in all his work. He unceasingly crafted intricate details here and there, play with materials and shape. And he made a good proportion, something that many of so-called 'designers' has failed to do. And see how he put a lot of attention oh the back side of his gowns.

He will need years of experience to perfecting his design and make him demure. But who's perfect, anyway? Oh well, I wish him a great future in fashion industry, and somehow will make Indonesian women beautiful :-)

the timid young designer :-)