Happy New Year!

new year decor in every door
As Japanese would say: kotoshi mo yoroshiku o-negai-shimasu (今年もよろしくお願いします) - I hope for your favour again in the coming year!
elaborate decor for new year

If you want to know some stories about how Japanese celebrate New Year, 
please click here at Wikipedia

And from me, let me wish you a lot of happiness, health, success and prosperity in this brand-new year, and many more years to come! Thank you for being here with me through times, hope we would continue our journey together.

Shinnen akemashite o-medetō-gozaimasu 新年あけましておめでとうございます!! Happy new year, best wishes and big kiss from Sapporo - Japan.



This is my first snow storm.. first in life, ever!
( yeah you may laugh at me :-P )

view from my window
wilder and wilder
After The Storm
Warm Inside

Life Underground

I'm talking about subway in Japan :-)
It has their own kind of life, a kind that's worth a story.


Sky High

Some more look out
of Tokyo and Osaka
Tokyo in daylight
Osaka night
another side of Tokyo
Shinsaibashi - Osaka
Shinsaibashi - Osaka

Ginkgo trees along the streets of Shinsaibashi

Choo Choo, Here Comes The Train!

Living in Japan is about living in a train I guess...
that's the first thing you're heading to, the mighty one you try to catch everyday,
and the last thing you run to for before you go home.

Sky's The Limit

When it comes to the height..
Who would measure how high is the sky?

winter love(japan.ver)-boa

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Tokyo from above
on my way to Osaka

Tokyo Tower


Japan Collage: Winter Color

Not so gloomy as winter may bring...
here are some pictures captured on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka
outside Harajuku station 

Shinsaibashi -Osaka
Shinsaibashi - Osaka 
Leave your wish here - Harajuku