Old Town Revisited

Pardon me, I've been busy then fell ill;
so I've been missing my blog so much.. and you all :-)

Anyway, here's a glimpse of Jakarta's old town I've visited recently, not so much changes I've seen,
but the point of view of many, has changed a lot apparently...

Im trying to do HDR to give it a dash of drama, but I guess the effect is too harsh.. don't you think? 
I need to learn to be more subtle..


Chinoiserie au Singapour

Although Singapore has a lot of ethnics, Chinese culture are inevitably dominant.. you could find the evident just anywhere.

True Religion

What's so true about religion is that there isn't any hate nor haters.
Living peacefully side by side, like what I've witnessed here in this area.
Mosque and temple and shrine in a quarter, they are wonderfully enhancing one to another.

Old & New
Head up to the heaven
aren't we all praying to the same God?


"I love you when you bow in your mosque, 
kneel in your temple, pray in your church. 
For you and I are sons of one religion, 
and it is the spirit."

~Khalil Gibran

Daily Life Somewhere

The everyday life I've spotted along the way
by taking the road less travelled

taking a break between tiring jobs

the famous es potong

back door


veggies to sell
sunny day


Calligraphy in 5 MInutes

What do you think when you see how someone could do things like this in a zap?
Indonesia has hundreds of languages and words, why can't we do that?

Paints and the end result of the painting calligraphy
the magic hand

Preparing the stamp

Carving the stamp using drill

how big? how small?
You choose your stamp

My name! 

As Sweet As Candy

Houses and shops with sweet colors, like cakes decorated with icing sugar - it"s so yummy I almost lick it.
detail of a shop @ Orchard Road

A building @ Orchard Road

Shops @ China Town

Amazing how the governments able to maintain these buildings; 
I wish Jakarta would have the same vision. 


Spicy Spices

I never liked Indian food. Honestly! Then I visited Dempsey road this evening.
I came in suspicious, but I was wrong, really. It's one of the best food I ever taste: the prata was crisp and savory, fragrant basmati rice was cooked perfectly, and all the food were in delicate spicy taste. I definitely will come back!

Nothing's more delicious than eating bare-handed

This is the right manner to say we're done and happy :-)

Samy's Curry is located at
25 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249670 
Tel : 6472 2080 
Fax : 6474 5024 

or visit their website; here