Happy Weekend Ev'ryone!

It's weekend already, and I have nothing else to do but sitting here and enjoy myself. How cool is that? :-)

Taman Bhagawan
Jl. Pratama, Banjar Terora, Desa Bualu, Tanjung Benoa


It Takes Whatever It Takes

24hrs a day  sometimes seems never enough, while we had to chase the time to finish the work of making beautiful set for an event. We have to steal a few moment just for taking a break, because the work is enormous, and the guest cannot be left waiting. When you think decorating is a fancy job; think again.

"It took a lot of work to be perfect. 
If you didnt want to break a sweat, there was no point in even bothering"
~Sarah Dessen quotes


Indonesian Flair

A touch of Indonesia, less ethnic, more elaborate. That's the request. And this was the result :-)

Too bad we were rushing so I can't give you enough look of the entire decor :-)

Ice Cream Parlor, A Step Back In Time

Not too far from Tugu Train Station, Yogyakarta, still standing an old ice cream parlor since its first opened in 1934. Perhaps it has long lost its heyday, but the feeling is still there. The taste, the flavor, the texture and the process of making it remains the same.

Once you step in, they'll bring you back to the past.

TIPTOP Ice Cream

twitter : @tiptopice

 Jl.P.Mangkubumi no24 Yogyakarta 55232 
opens Monday-Saturday 09.00-13.30/17.00-21.30 Info: 081904041700 - 25f76490
Yogyakarta, Indonesia ·


Fort Vredeburg

 Had a nice time in a quick stop to this fort for a lunch - during my last short trip to Yogyakarta. Made some snaps which, I hope, will make you wanting to visit this beautiful fort.

Visit its official blog to know how to get there and some events, here
or a brief story from Wikipedia about the fort, here.