People of Tanimbar

Not much chance to meet locals,... until when we were taking pictures of the bridge, some half drunk drivers asked me to take picture of them. Took some shots, but when I asked them where should I send  the picture, they were hesitated.. oh well, hope they read my blog :-)

Another chance was when we have to wait for our plane. I saw some students going back from school, and they watched me with my camera excitedly. I guess it's my luck.


An Old Town Somewhere Nowhere

Small town of Saumlaki, on the Tanimbar Islands,  on the outermost of Indonesia bordered by Australia, Papua and Timor Leste, still has that old feeling, almost look like it's never been touched by modern life.

port and old market of Saumlaki

I love how the old shops still stand like olden days, with bright colors and naïve signage. The heart of Saumlaki -where all the business happens - is still there, in the old town, although the government has moved their headquarters further in the island.

Shells on The Beach

We finally got a chance to visit one beautiful island. A deserted one, the outermost island of the Country. Beautiful white sand in some parts, rocks and corals on the other parts. Beautiful shells were scattered everywhere.


The Sky, Sun, Sea and Seafood

I haven't got any chances to see more about Saumlaki island. but here are some things that caught my attention.

 The seafood is awesome here. You can find anything you want just across the town, and it's so fresh and juicy! And the chili, I can say it's the smallest chip and the hottest I've ever tasted!


Heading to Saumlaki Island

Greetings from the remote island of Saumlaki! Bordered by West Papua on the east, East Timor on the west and Australia on the south, Saumlaki is one rather big island amongst hundreds in the Tanimbar Islands, located on the most south-east corner of Indonesia archipelago. 1,5 hour flight using small airplane from Ambon, I can't say it's a pleasing flight. But all the bumps and all soon replaced by the beauty of this barely known place.

departing from Ambon Pattimura International Airport
the only plane that fly to the island is this one

I'll write you soon and post some photos of this island in the next few days, since it's quite difficult to get an internet connection here. In the mean time, have a great time, everyone!

this tight!
the Saumlaki Airport.
yes, the airport :-)

the carriage to bring the luggage in and out of the plane

 If you want to know more about Saumlaki, you can click here
Wikipedia provides quite a decent info about the Island.


Figuring Out

When you're busy making sketches and moodboard, we use real things to visualize the concept. In a small scale, we built the panels, arranging the flowers, collecting matching items and selecting the fabrics. That's how we start, before we do the big thing the big day.