Jakarta's Street Side

When you're passing some streets in Jakarta, you'll find people selling things along both sides: from nibbles to odds and sods. If only the streets were cleaner, safer and proper; it would have been a great fun to see what we might find there
And these few photos - taken at jalan Mangga Besar street - 
are too few to describe the diverse findings you might have on the streets of Jakarta. 

Traditional delicacies abundant

rearview mirrors: a match in quest

The Doors of National Archive Building

It always amazes me everytime I visited this building;  the National Archive Building stands gracefully amongst the hustle bustle of Jakarta, and against its dust and pollution. Built in Renaissance style circa 1760 AD by Reiner de Klerk - Governor of East Indie Company, somehow it has an Indonesian and Chinese flair in it. It's doors, especially, has caught my heart: tall, solid, grand, but not overstated. 

Some Dutch and Chinese ceramic tiles lined the walls and floors.

National Archives Building
Jl. Gajah Mada No. 111 Jakarta
phone : (021) 6347744

Operating Hours
Tuesday – Sunday : 09 am – 5 pm
Monday / Public Holiday : Closed
FREE Entrance Admission


Asia on A Table

On the table, over and under, as well :-)  
A sense of mystery, exotic, peaceful... Trying to capture the mood of Asian landscape in just one small space, so i came up with some points: oriental willow, rice field, stone grinder, roses and orchid. Uhm, what else? Oh, lotus ( which doesn't really shown on the photos) Solid rustic wooden table, ferns, lanterns...  Anyway, I do hope you'll got the message :-)


Janur and Javanese Style, A Story of Endless Inspiration

Janur, the premature coco leaf, has a long history in Indonesian art and culture. Javanese, especially, has mastered in this field, and no event is complete without this craft work. Having Javanese blood running in my vein, I got this special romantic feeling upon this matter. And oh how I love to put that little golden accessories and woven strands of jasmines as the flower ornament.


Food Elaborate

Rich in taste, rich in look, colour and texture. Whenever you go around Bali, you'll find the Nasi Campur warungs just everywhere. Spicy, hearty, flavourful rice dishes with all sort condiments. Beware of addiction!

Klungkung Market
Food abundance @ Klungkung market, Klungkung, GIanyar

Warung Made Werti, Sanur
If you love delicious spicy balinese food, you shouldn't miss this

Essential Condiments
wok-fried peanuts in garlic and salt

Nasi Ayam Kadewatan
another sample of nasi campur. Originally from Kadewatan, Ubud,
nasi ayam bu Mangku is also available in Basangkasa - Seminyak Area
PS: this is also a must try


Street Food

Wherever you go, you'll find food abundant here in this country. Although food safety are often questioned, but you can't help yourself for not being tempted, even for just taking a look at it.  Unique - or strange - but efficiently displayed or stored; some in funny and naïve writings, some other in a mysterious container.