Toko Merah, The Grand Old Lady

 Today I got another chance to visit the old town of Jakarta, where each corner has its own story.
First to steal my eyes was the famous Toko Merah.

Aged more than 200 years old, its name (Toko Merah literally meaning red store) was first popularized in 1851 when a Chinese businessman named Oey Liauw Kong bought the beautiful building and transformed it into a shop selling food and household supplies. 

The word merah (red) was used to explain the most visible trait of the building: its red brick walls

Located on Jalan Kali Besar in Kota Tua, West Jakarta, Toko Merah is the oldest building on the street and has a long and storied past.  

A closer look at the two-story building reveals a mix of Dutch Closed, Chinese and Baroque style. 
It was built by the Dutch in 1730 during the colonization 

to serve as the residence of Governor General Baron Van Imhoff. 

Oh and if you're curious enough to read a book about it, find this: 
"Toko Merah; saksi kejayaan Batavia lama di tepian muara Ciliwung: riwayat dan kisah para penghuninya" 
written by Thomas B. Ataladjar. 
Unfortunately it's only available in Bahasa Indonesia.

Or perhaps you can read it online, here

I bought my copy at Gedung Arsip Nasional Museum's book shop.

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