Malang Food, Food For Soul

Enjoying food from my childhood!
Even the kerupuk crackers taste better here 
 Nasi 'Buk', like other Indonesian Nasi Campur ( or Nasi Rames - rice with various condiments ) has distinctive style. Buk  is Maduranese version of "ibu" ( mother, lady ) and easily assumed the nasi 'buk' is originated from Madura.  one thing i'm sure of, is that it's sooo yummy! And the fried tempe soy cake so-called 'mendol' is something you cannot find just anywhere.
Nasi 'Buk' with mendol on top

Basket for rice, Madura style

Gorengan fritter, yum!
How lucky that I still could find es puter , a traditional ice cream with - again- a lot of condiments. We, Indonesians, really love condiments. The more the better!
Es puter is still in its old style presentation!
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