A Friend Is..

Stumbled upon these two poems,
and I think I should share it to you guys...
for without you, dear friends,
what would I be?

A Friend is...
author unknown

A friend is like a flower,
A rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate,
That never comes unlatched,

A friend is like an owl,
Both beautiful and wise,
Or perhaps like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies,

A friend is like a heart,
That goes on till the end,
where would we be in this world
If we never had a friend

The following poem is about a friend who died;
it's sad, and beautiful, at the same time...

A brief candle
 Charlie Daniels

A brief candle; both ends burning
An endless mile; a bus wheel turning
A friend to share the lonesome times
A handshake and a sip of wine
So say it loud and let it ring
We are all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird
You’re free at last.

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