Some said as the most romantic city in Japan, I found Kobe is definitely beautiful in its own way.

Kobe is one of the distinguished port cities in Japan. The history of Kobe takes one back to 7th century when the port is believed to have been active and developed excellent trade links with China and Western countries. Officially set up on April 1, 1889, Kobe City was named thus on September 1, 1956. 

Another notable incident in the history of Kobe has been the tragic Great Hanshin Earthquake that rocked the city for about 20 seconds on 17 th January 1995. Measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale the earthquake caused widespread damage and took a huge toll on the city's shocked population. The famed port suffered huge infrastructure damage. However the courage and never-say-die spirit of the citizens must be applauded as Kobe has now been rebuilt and is better equipped to face a natural disaster such as the last. However the loss and the grief stand out every year as the Luminarie is held in the city hall. 

Kobe's landmarks: Kobe Port Tower, Kobe Maritime Museum and Oriental Hotel.

The Concerto Cruise Ship with the Oriental Hotel in the background

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