Not A Very Ordinary Shower

Shower ceremony takes a very important role in Indonesian culture. Water is consider as a purifier for life, and in every stage of life, from birth to death, this ritual takes place. The 7th month pregnancy is one of those, so a shower ceremony is held at this stage, and a client asked us to decorate the event. 

The mother-to-be requested that the flowers to be yellow.  Easy-peasy.  We gathered all kind of yellow flowers we could find: golden shower, cymbidium, moth and mokara orchid, roses, sunflower, tulips, and some exotic plants like solanum mammosum, beehive flower, calathea and so forth. Strings of jasmine garlands is a must, done. But she asked us not to do the flowers like a wedding. So we come up with this asymmetrical arrangement, a rather wild and lush one. What do you think?

Decor: Stupa Caspea
venue: a residence at Widya Chandra


  1. woow, this is the best backdrop flowers for siraman ever! good job,you guys! I really love ur arrangment. always extraordinary!

  2. COMPLIMENTS for this arrangement, this is very bright pure atmosphere! Beautiful. Best wishes and God bless Your ceremony.