EDBE on Ikat

So EDBE is quite famous for its psychedelic batik; crazy pattern and cutting. But wait till you see its latest collection! EDBE, the labour of love between Eddy Betty and Ms. Ley Sandjaja has grown more mature design in a good sense. I personally love the last sequence where the model wore one long feather on the forehead ( simple and brilliant! designed by the famous accessories designer Rinaldy A Yunardi ) and the color of the collection was dark in natural tones. It's like a tribal chic, a threesome between Yohji, Comme de Garçon and Dries! It's very wearable yet keeping the insanity inside. Now I wrotre like I'm a fashion expert, LOL.
Anyway, If you love edginess, but love ethnic as much, I strongly recommended that you'd have such adorable items like these pieces from EDBE.

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