Weaving History

An old weaving and fabric shop in Gianyar, almost forgotten by the fast moving world. Still using the same old technic they've learnt from their descent, keeping the wisdom through generations.

Tenun Togog Gianyar
Jalan Astina Utara No. 11


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog and letting me know what the flowers were. So nice to find yours here. Your decorating work has had me at WOW!!! really incredible with all the colour and the flowers.

    I am sad to say i missed this amazing weaving place. I will make it a priority on my next visit which i hope will be in a few months time.
    Take care.

    1. thank you fliss, for the compliments. That's huuuge! Never though you gonna drop by and wrote me :-) Anyway, im an instant fan of yours once I saw your blog. So it's a big joy to know you. Let's keep in touch ( if that's not too much to ask :-) )
      Thanks once again!