Food Styling

So this is my 350th post! Wow. Time flies.. but when you do things that you like, you don't count time or any efforts you've made. So suddenly it's been my second year of blogging. I hope this will continue long enough, and each post will give you good thing, even for just a little! 

Awhile ago, a photographer whom I happen to know and worked with for tabloid NOVA (a real cool-awesome-pro one, unlike myself) Mas Agus Dwianto, published some of his work in Facebook, and there I saw some of my work on his photos. Suddenly I miss this job.. getting my hands dirty playing with food that feels like a sinful pleasure ( remember when we were kids, our mom keep telling us not to  play with our food? Now they pay me for doing it! ) 
Now you understand why I love this job :-)

those picture above were for the Valentine's Day edition, and the following photos are traditional Palembang food and delicacies. Special thanks for mas Agus Dwianto for letting me publishing his photos here :-) 

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