Food Elaborate

Rich in taste, rich in look, colour and texture. Whenever you go around Bali, you'll find the Nasi Campur warungs just everywhere. Spicy, hearty, flavourful rice dishes with all sort condiments. Beware of addiction!

Klungkung Market
Food abundance @ Klungkung market, Klungkung, GIanyar

Warung Made Werti, Sanur
If you love delicious spicy balinese food, you shouldn't miss this

Essential Condiments
wok-fried peanuts in garlic and salt

Nasi Ayam Kadewatan
another sample of nasi campur. Originally from Kadewatan, Ubud,
nasi ayam bu Mangku is also available in Basangkasa - Seminyak Area
PS: this is also a must try

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