An Exhibition at UNESCO

If you wonder what kind of work I did in Paris, here's a little peek. Not much, compared to what I normally do in Indonesia,.. but this, for me, is a big achievement. Although I had to collect the material my self, taking pictures, editing, doing the lay out and designing the catalogue and all the graphic designs, setting up the expo until dismantling it. All that sleepless nights and many more. But it pays off eventually. And the exhibition took place where Picasso's mural painting is the background! A little exhibition of Indonesia in the heart of Paris, who would dream of making it.

I have to thank my two besties ladies who happen to be my class mates back in the university. None of this would happen without them. Thanks Mbeb & Inoy. It was tremendous chance, and thanks big time for the help and the opportunity. You're awesome in your peculiar way. Kisses and hugs!

back of the house in UNESCO headquarter

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