Le Bon

Bon means 'good' in many sense. And this bar and restaurant that bearing this name is no exceptional. The interior, the food and the service, c'est si bon! ( of course it comes with a price ).
Located within an old building, it blends well with Phillip Satck's and other designer's furnitures and lighting. The eclecticism goes well instead of goes mad. You should try.

for more about this restaurant and bar, visit it's official web, here
and for a nice review, here

This story finished my story about Paris, sadly..
oh well, never mind, there'll always be next time. 
So let's visit some  more other places  before we're too old to do that :-)

25 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris - France
reservation: +33 1 40 72 70 00


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