Palembang Delicacies

Mas Agus, the mr. photographer
Just Lost my mac during a fashion show recently :-( 
but hey, life goes on, I should move on and keep seeing things on the bright side, right? 
So, here's a little work I've made for Tabloid NOVA yesterday. 

Some photos made in a rush but hopefully it will brings you appetite. Pardon me, for I don't remember the name of each - but trust me, it smells and tastes sooo good! 
If you want to make it yourself, be patient, the recipes will be published any soon by Tabloid NOVA, or just check its online magz here.


  1. bikin lapaaaarrrr.... ternyata pro ! salut

  2. mas heru, apanya yang pro ? tapi makasih buat pujiannya:-) sering-sering mampir ya