Butter and Chocolate

An hour drive up north from the city, I have to bring all the stuffs early morning just to prepare a table set up to Wonosari - Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. But I guess I kinda like the result, and hope you do, too :-)

It's a small display for the new product of Vaseline - Cocoa Butter. so I tried to present it with everything about chocolate: the fruits, seeds, chocolate bars, powder and all. And for the butter, well, I replace it with  creamy white roses. Since it was located in a small Javanese village house next to the cacao plantation, the display should ( in my opinion ) incorporated local products: I chose bamboo container, wooden kitchen utensils and raffia mat as display tools. Now tell me what do you think.


  1. It's completely graceful and warm at the same time. Wanna learn more from you Mas Rudy.

  2. terimakasih mbak Liya :-) no need to learn from me,... let's just learn together. k? :-) thanks for dropping by, siring mapir ya....