Not A Very Common Batik

I'm getting tired of seeing puffy batik dress, seeing the same thing worn by all men and women everywhere. Phew. It makes my eyes sore.
Until one day I stumbled upon EDBE, a pret-a-porter by Eddy Betty.

 A twisted design, daring mix and match. A 'wear-as-you-like-it-and-still-look-cool" stuff. Really a fresh hope amidst the tiring design of batik dresses that made me so lost. And there are two good news: they have interesting men's line, and they're opening an awesome boutique soon at Gunawarman street.

Summore good news: all batik dresses are hand-drawn batik tulis that guarantee each piece is unique (you won't meet someone at a mall wearing the same stuff - so lame!), and if you're not into batik, the designs are available in black and white and jeans ( and prints, soon) !  Oh and I especially love its sarwell pants, it's so rockin' cool, I want to wear it just anywhere.

If you want to know a bit more before the shop opened; have a peek, find its facebook, here

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