Short Kebaya's Come Back

A Kebaya  based on Wikipedia:
a traditional blouse-dress combination worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, southern Thailand. It is sometimes made from sheer material and usually worn with a sarong or batik kain panjang, or other traditional woven garment such as ikat, songket with a colorful motif.

The kebaya is the national costume of Indonesia, although it is more accurately endemic to Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese people.  Click here to read more on Wikipedia.

Spotted an old-fashioned style kebaya in a wedding party;
Seems that the short ( hip-length) style with flower print  and 'kutubaru'- the lid that connect the sides of kebaya on lower chest - has made its come back. I guess we start to get enough of lace and beaded ones. Ladies, get yourself ready!

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