A Temple by The Port

It's not the common Balinese temple I'm talking about, but this is a very old chinese temple, one of the very few in Bali.
A quick visit and some snapshots, I don't get much story about it. Only later when I searched from the internet, here I found a brief history of Klenteng Ling Gwan Kiong...
Front yard and facade of the temple.. grand yet peaceful

Close by the Buleleng port, you will find this magnificent Chinese temple known as Klenteng among the local people. Access to the temple is via bridge over a pond filled with pink and white lotus flowers. 

Considered to be an old and sacred Klenteng, it was built in 1873. From an old manuscripts found on Tao Kong Co Tan Hu Cin statue and lettering of Ling Yuen Kong written in Chinese , there are proves that this temple was built in the 12th Thoing Ce year from the Dynasty of Ching (Man Ching).  The name of Ling Gwan Kiong itself means the Palace of Power. 

If you are interested, find klenteng Ling Gwan Kiong on Jl Erlangga 63 Singaraja, phone 0368 - 26332
Detail of the roof, bell made in England and detail of a beam in the form of "kirin"

Kirin; the mythological dog, guarding the entrance

Fish,  a symbol of prosperity and wealth, here used as a gutter edge

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