Mighty Old Mount Lokon

Mount Lokon, an old mountain next to Manado, was a sleeping volcano, for centuries. The name of the mountain relates to its old age and big size. In the native tongue the Lokon area is named "Tua Lokon" or Tou Tua Lokon, which means 'old man'.
I've heard a beautiful bed-time story about the mountain, and if you want to know, read it here

Mighty old mount Lokon

And suddenly it awakens, spill some lava and burned over 1 hectare of forest on its hillside! 
I witnessed the eruption, and I must admid, though I watched it from quite a distance, it's still scary! 
Here's a notification concerning the eruption. 
you could see the red dot on the upper side of the photo, it's the lava spilling 

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