Small Shop in a Small Town

Not as small as it may looks,
the making of the shop took all my heart in it.
Really love to see how it becomes
and hope it will grow in many years to come :-)
this is how it started

After some sleepless nights, the shop's finally done. It's a mix of style: colonial, shabby chic, retro-art-deco and other things, as well, but I think the eclectic style makes this shop homey... uh, well, it's you to judge... so, come over, and tell me what you think :-)

The Living Shoppe - Home Essentials & Beyond
Jalan A Yani 125 - Magelang, Central Java

1 comment:

  1. So cool! I would love to visit next year. Please also consider to make an online store for people in the US too :) The stuffs made in Indonesia at West Elm or other store are kinda expensive. I hope your store can be a tourist spot for shopping. Ciao! ~Juffrey~