China Chic

Like popping out from the storybook, Ghea Panggabean presenting her design gracefully.
I love the way she chose the prints: beautiful patterns copied from antique china - or nyonya- porcelain, printed over sheer fabrics. The result are flowing, almost flying, and fragile. The fact that Ghea designs are very simple doesn't make it less classy. The simplicity make it easy to wear, effortlessly beautiful. That's when you've reach the master stage.  Here are four favorite design I picked for you: 

The photos were taken from the Langgam Tiga Hati ( Style of Three Hearts ) show by Harper's Bazaar Indonesia last year, the very event where I lost my dear Mac on backstage ( oh pleeze, criminal in a fashion event!)  That's why I kinda half-hearted posting this. But what's gone is gone, you could never get it back. And I have my responsibility to share you joy and beauty - instead of my mumble-jumble :-) So, voila, enjoy!

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