The Royal Srivijaya

Last year, I have two events with the same concept; the grand Srivijaya Kingdom. Famous for its rich culture, the songket cloth woven in golden thread and hues of mangosteen (a kind of fruit originated from Indonesia), Srivijaya is magnificent inspiration for a fabulous decor.

One assignment was from the fashion designer,  Ms. Ghea Panggabean, famous for its ethnic infusion, when she launched the chinaware with her signature design, pelangi pattern (Srivijaya tie-dye textile). I set up the table for her, giving a little touch of antique gold accessories here and there.

( pardon me for the blurred image, back then I only have small pocket camera and the file I found was in a very small size)

Pelangi Chinaware Collection by Ghea Panggabean for Kedaung
venue: Alun-Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall- Jakarta
Flower and decor: in cooperation with Bimo Singgih & Alun-Alun Indonesia VM team

 The other one was a decor for Ied Celebration for a national bank. The same theme, different occasion. So there I put some scarlet james storii orchid decorated with golden ketupat and Sumatran gold  hair accessories.

 Props & Set: Stupa Caspea
Flower: in cooperation with Bimo SInggih

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