Indonesian Nasi Campur: A Feast On A Plate

Nasi Campur Bali - WarungTekor Bali, Legian

    “Who riseth from a feast 
    With that keen appetite that he sits down?”
    William Shakespeare (1564-1616) 'Merchant of Venice'

Nasi Campur Made Werti - Sanur, Bali
Street food to die for

I'm always a big fan of traditional food. And in Indonesia, every place has its own unique dish; isn't that awesome? But speaking of food, the thumb rules of fabulous Indonesian food number one is Nasi Campur: any kind of steamed rice accompanied by abundant condiments that varies from one region to another. *drool*

Nasi Urap- Dapur Solo, Melawai, Jakarta

Nasi Campur Kadewatan Ibu Mangku
Kadewatan, Ubud, Bali
 Nasi Campur or Nasi Rames is a mad mix of delicious food,  a plateful rice filled with favorite dishes as condiments, hearty sauces and all. Oh I'm starving just telling you all of this :-) The detailed story about Nasi Campur is available at Wikipedia, simply by clicking the word 'Nasi Campur' above.

another version: the turmeric nasi campur
Dapur Solo, Melawai, Jakarta

If you are keen to know more than just recipes, find this book:
Kisah & Kumpulan Resep Putri Jepara-
Rahasia Kuliner RA Kartini, RA Kardinah, RA Rukmini
publishing: PT Gaya Favorit Press

Written by Ms. Suryatini N. Ganie; a famous Indonesian culinary expert, who happen to be descendant of Raden Ayu Kartini herself (the title changed from 'Raden Adjeng' as she was widely known; after she got married), this book is really a treasure.
Quite a thick book with a lot of nice photos and unique recipes dated back to XIX century AD, each recipe comes with its original recipe written in javanese words and old Indonesian language. How cool is that?
I bought my copy around IDR 255,000 in the year of 2010.

Anyway, recently I was stumbled upon this  cool site; http://www.tasty-indonesian-food.com/ owned by Ms. Tatie, a pretty Indonesian lady who lives in Slovenia. A simple web about Indonesian food with a lot of recipes and information. Love it.
Another interesting recipes source for Indonesian food I found in http://www.indonesianculinary.com/, a website boasting as the largest free online Indonesian recipes. See it for yourself!

Happy drooling everyone!

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