Welcome To My Room!

Welcome to my room. 
Oh, and kindly put off your sandals or shoes outside. Well, it's not because my room is sterile (far from that, in fact), it's just our Indonesian custom to do so :-)

Door that will greet you before you're in

It’s another hot sunny day, and once again, I’m too lazy to go out, so I took some pics around my room, just to sharpen my sore eyes. If this laziness’ persistent, I might end up with taking pictures of myself, which will ruin my almost-gone-reputation.

Books and books and another piles of books: things you'd see once you're in. I can't live without it.

Oh, and music! Lots and lots of CDs. But lately I'd rather download it for free from you-know-where.
But just in case you don't, here's the link. All you need to do is registering your e-mail address and you'd find tons of songs ready for you :-) ( is that piracy? I try not to think of it though.)
And I'm a mad collector of anything! Er... it's usually ethnic stuffs I bought during traveling (now suddenly I miss traveling. Dear God, please give me some more fortune so that I could go somewhere nice and take more pictures to share) Some other are gifts and things found. None are stolen ones, trust me!

I've seen sunny days I thought would never end,
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend, 
~James Taylor, Singer and Song Writer, Born 1948
( visit Mr. Taylor's official site here )


  1. Very interesting room!!
    May I pay you a visit sometimes? :D

  2. @ natalie: more than welcome :-) *wink*