A Place Full of Ideas

This is one of my favorite place,
a place where sometimes I have to come for a meeting or such
a place full of interesting objects and books
a place full of inspirations :-)

The door that leads to the small office full of inspirational things. Oh and ladies, the guy behind the door is to die for :-)
(based on stories that I've heard)

Heaven is a place with piles of interesting books. And here, 
it's such huuuuge piles of it!

At times, I have to help selecting  stacks of swatches..
and these fabrics are oh-so-gorgeous!

Beautiful things are everywhere, I keep drooling everytime I see it ^ ^

Sometimes suppliers come and bring some samples, too, like these beautiful and exotics orchids!
Who could resist? God bless they who love such beauty :-)

" No object is so beautiful that,
under certain conditions, 
it will not look ugly "