Sing Wherever Until Whenever

As I mentioned earlier, I'm also a member of  Padjadjaran University Alumni Choir, with friends I've known decades ago.
We've been to many competitions, small and big, which some we won and some we lost.  We've shared many laughters and shed each other's tears ( that we do until now).

And we've performed in many places, as well. But the most prize for me was our 1st concert ever. Long story short, we managed to get some help from  Kinaria GSP and Mas Guruh Soekarnoputra for the show, and the lighting was directed by Mbak Inet Leimena ( I couldn't find any link regarding this famous show director, but who doesn't know her, anyway? ) although we barely had any money back then. The show was huge for that time, and we have all the dancers, props, confetti and all; while at that time a choir concert meant merely stand and sing. Oh, and the music - I almost forget to mention, was arranged by the famous Mr. Purwacaraka

We commissioned several new songs for the concert, and one of it was "Seuntai Manikam" (A Strand of Gems - a nickname for Indonesia) arranged and composed by Mr. Ronald Pohan who happen to have the same birthday as mine! *Yay!* ( and he has a facebook account ^ ^ *another Yay!*) Mr. Pohan is known for his beautiful composition among the music lovers and such, but for us, the mediocre singer, he's notorious for the most difficult compositions to sing, ever!

Seuntai Manikam, however, was one of the most beautiful song about Indonesia we've ever sung. And although I couldn't find the original version, you could still enjoy the composition through the one sang by our successor UNPAD Students Choir.

After quite awhile, we managed to held a small concert in two cities, a reunion, I might say. 
And here's one song that you might like. We really love singing folklores!
Foolish me, I can't copy and paste the video, but here's the address you can click and enjoy.

these photos and videos were 'stolen' from some friends' collections which I couldn't name,
because I  happen to have forgotten the sources :-)

happy listening!


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