First; here's the music to accompany us scrolling through the market

Beringharjo Market (anno 1758) is the biggest and oldest traditional market in Yogyakarta. Located on the busiest street, Malioboro, it's a good place to mingle with the locals and shop for cheap batik, clothes or homeware of all sorts. The fun part of shopping here is that you must be good at bargain. Start to bargain half price of the seller's offer.

Batik Jogja

Mbah Mariyati
one of merchants who has the widest collection of vintage batik

All that glitters isn't gold
traditional accessories abundance
antiques bric-a-brac

mad-shopping at Pasar Beringharjo

If you ever need a porter to carry all your heavy mad shopping goodies, you could always find old ladies offering you help. Petite they may seem, but they carry big and heavy stuffs on their back easily. It's a harsh life that they carry with smile.

Entertainment at large
Jogja Style

Food is always a feast here, in this big old market. Exotic food, delicious food. Some looks scary to eat, even for me. But trust me, they are, all, delicious. Beware for the soft tummy, though :-)
Scary but tasty

So, next time you visit this big old market, you've known a little bit more of this and that. 
Have a great week ahead!

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