Javanese House

Javanese architectural is more complex than what we might have known. Beyond the popular 'joglo' architectural, there are more than a dozen types of house, or may be even more than that.
Detail of an old door - a house in Maguwoharjo, east Jogja
Doorlock - Imogiri
House facade - next to Beringharjo market

Intricately carved pillars - A house in KotaGede

Detail of beams - Omah Kalang- KotaGede
Another type of Omah Kalang - KotaGede
A villager's house - KotaGede
Old House - Maguwoharjo

Lonely window - Omah Kalang - KotaGede
Every door has its meaning, each beam and post has its own name and story. 
Each house has its own soul.

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