Royal Cemetery - Kota Gede

Dated back in the 8th century AD, when Mataram Kingdom ruled, Kota Gede was a busy capital city. Now what's left is just a quiet small town with beautiful old buildings and some ruins. But there are two sites that stay intact - the cemetery complexes.The first one is the Sultanate Royal Cemetery Where Mataram sultans and their family were buried.

The Royal Guard prepares the uniforms
outer wall of the Royal Cemetery


The other cemetery is Hasta Rengga, later built by King Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII for his family and descendants. Hasta Rengga was built from the remnants of what was formerly Mataram Palace.
A strange thing happenned when I was here, or perhaps it was just my fantasy.
May be I should have asked the royal guard who abruptly sat on the floor guarding me while I  visited a tomb.

O death, where is thy sting? 
O grave, where is thy victory? ...
~Bible quote

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