Magelang Short Culinary Trip

How lucky that day I was, meeting the family who owns this small restaurant called 'Es Murni' in Magelang, an hour drive from Jogjakarta.  The food provided there wasn't such a fancy meal, but it brought all the childhood memories. Delicious, well prepared, and honest. 

Lontong Cap Go Meh
The Lontong Cap Go Meh, a Peranakan style food, almost made me burst in tears, because that very dish was my late grandma's favorite, served the way it used to be with all the condiments. And the 'lontong' itself, the ricecake, was moist and fragrant... I'm lost for words.

Want to know how to cook Lontong Cap Go Meh? I found it here, in a nice blog named Bianca and Jordan's Mom. You might want to have a look. Just click here, and you'll get the recipe, presto!

 When it comes to dinner time, we went to a small chinese restaurant, which I couldn't remember the name, unfortunately. The food was as great, hearty, cooked on charcoal stove which gave a smokey taste, and the freshness; oh I could almost swear it's all freshly picked this morning.

Let's get drooling everyone!

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