A Beautiful Building in An Old Town

Sumedang, West Java, is an old town rich in history that is often being forgotten. I visited its museum finally for the first time -Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun- and really in love with the building. A colonial architecture that simple in details, humble but grand at the same time.

Built in 1706, Gedong Sri Manganti - the name of this building, which means the building to wait for important people - was also formerly known as Land Huizen. It has a long history as government formal residence before it's turned into museum in1974.

 Gedong Bumi Kaler
Gedong Bumi Kaler ( the North House ) is another building in the Museum Complex, was built in 1850, in the reign of Bupati Pangeran Soeria Koesoemah Adinata / Pangeran Sugih who ruled Sumedang between 1836 – 1882. This house is very simple in look, the only ornament is the crisscrossed trellis window, with the flower ornament in some crossing sections.

For more detailed story and history of the Museum, please visit the official museum blog, here or wikipedia, here ( too bad it's only available in bahasa Indonesia )

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