The Royal Cemetery

Still in the Gowa regency, I passed the Gowa Royal cemetery and decided to drop by. The tombs I visited was the oldest ones, including the tomb of national hero, the King that people of South Sulawesi really proud of, King Hasanuddin of Gowa. 

here lies the king that reign only for 20days.
he was crowned to replace his deceased brother,
and 20days later he had to go for war against Dutch
and died there
 The structures of the tombs are very unique. Some were built like a mausoleum but with a very low ceiling and door ( called Kobbang ), where inside laid the real tomb, in a very modest form. Some other tombs were built very high, it almost looks like a temple, with gravestones on top ( called Jirret Semu ).

on the left was the tomb of King Alauddin who brought Islam to Sulawesi
and on the right is the tomb of King Hasanuddin
who dedicated his life against Dutch and VOC

The tomb of King Hasanuddin, the XVI King of Gowa,
nicked Haanstjes van Het Oosten - Rooster from The East,
reigned as
Mallombasi Daeng Mattawang Karaeng Bontomangape Mohammad Bakir Tumenanga Ribulla Pangkaw
( 1629-1670 )

tomb of the XVIII King of Gowa, son of King Hasanuddin

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