Kingdom of Gowa

A humble place to be so-called a palace, Balla Lompoa is the perfect name for this building, that means big house. It's truly reflected the wisdom of the king and its people. 
Gowa is now a regency in South Sulawesi, and the palace complex is located around 15 kms from Makassar, in Sungguminasa.

The banquet hall
On the entrance stair, the roof was made so low it forces people to bow before they enter the Balla Lompoa. This is a message  that we must put ourself lower than others, and put a high respect to them.
Built relatively new circa 1930 using entirely ironwood after the old one was destroyed by Dutch -VOC, Balla Lompoa was renovated in 1980 and turned into museum, displaying the remnants of the palace. And what caught my sight? The glittery gilded and golden treasure, of course!

Illuminated  and hand-written Koran, circa XIV AD

Salokoa ( crown)
 Salokoa, the crown for the coronation of King of Gowa, is made entirely of gold, weighed almost 2kgs and decorated with 250pcs of jewels, used since the 1st King of Gowa.

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