Traces of Orient

Seen some interesting building in Yogyakarta, with the charm of Chinese culture.
Klenteng Poncowinatan Yogyakarta

Widely known as Klenteng Poncowinatan, Zen Ling Gong Temple, located at Jl Poncowinatan 16 Kranggan Yogyakarta is one of the oldest temple in town, built circa 1881.
The northern part area of Tugu, was appointed as Chinese region ( de Chinese Bevolking ) by Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta in 1860s, and on that land, the Chinese community built their Kauw Lang Teng - hence klenteng. Unlike other chinese temple, here the javanese culture and rituals are used for the ceremonies.

Yayasan Bhakti Loka Office

The temple is managed by Yayasan Bhakti Loka foundation, and as you can see, their office is another beautiful building with chino-colonial charm.

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