The Klungkung Market II

Not expecting much to see at first, but visiting Klungkung Market  this time taught me a little more about things.

 So I went to this  little shop in the corner, filled with assortment of fabrics; hand-woven and beautiful. There is Kain endek, Kain songket, and one new thing I've never heard before. Kain Bebali. I did a little research, and it turns out that kain bebali means all sort of textile that is made and used for ceremonial purposes. Kain means cloth, and bebali means ceremony. 
There I saw this pile of rich red fabric, woven with old indian patterns, and that is one example of kain bebali,  called Kain Cepuk. Made especially in Nusa Penida area, this kind of textile is used for the Panca Yadnya rituals, ( which includes the ceremonies to celebrate the circle of life - from the pregnancy till cremation ). Beautiful in all aspects:  in color, in pattern, and in meaning.

Kain Cepuk - Nusa Penida

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