Sapporo Once Again

Snow falls in Sapporo, and in the middle of the red district -which happens also the downtown- stands proud this old charming building that I've seen since the first day I arrived. I don't know what it is, and I only had a few minutes to take some snaps before people start offering me some photos of (pardon me) naked women. So here you are, some photos left of my trip to Japan. I posted these  to celebrate the spring that is coming, and the coming 15,000 hits of this blog (thank you! yes, thanks to you!)

I also saying farewell to picnik.com that soon moves to google+. It's been coloring my world during my first years of photography.. thank you picnik, I can't wait to see what's going to happen once you join google+. To give homage to it, I edited these photos once again, for the last time, using picnik.com


  1. Where is that building? I think I recognise it too.

    1. it's somewhere around 5th west 5th south, behind mercure hotel, ben..