Munching On In Yogyakarta

went to this place the last day of my trip in Yogyakarta. A cake shop that sells everything, from traditional gourmets and delicacies to full course meals. It's a bit odd perhaps, that in Java you don't say you've eaten until you have rice.  But rice and its condiments can also be considered as snack if it comes in a small package, like what is sold here in this cake shop.

What I love abut this shop is that they provide any kind of traditional snack you could think of.. and it's all delicious. The taste doesn't change, and it always bring back my childhood memories. 
And if you think you want to drop by and buy something here, get hurry, the food doesn't last long here. If you're lucky, you'll meet some old ladies sell it around the city carrying the food on her back in a big round container.

Trubus Cake Shop
Jl. Poncowinatan 67 Yogyakarta 
Phone 274-563491  Fax 274-586743

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