The Katangka Old Mosque - Gowa

The second oldest mosque in Indonesia, Al-Hilal (Katangka)  Mosque was build around 1603, during the reign of King Alauddin, the 1st moslem king of Gowa. Small it may seems, but its wall is 120cms thick, and it is actually the palatial mosque on its heyday.

Named after a giant tree that grown on that site before the mosque was built, it is believe that the remained easel of the mosque was made of that very katangka tree. There's not much info about this mosque, but once you get there, you can still feel the grandeur of this small mosque.

further story about the mosque, click here.


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    1. marty, you made me blushed! I think you're mocking me, because that is too good to be true.. but thanks anyway ( i'll pretend it's true :-P )