The Javanese House(s)

I happened to stay in an old house during my visit to Jogja, a house with the age of more than a century. It was owned and built by the family of late King Hamengku Buwono VII of Yogyakarta, well preserved and taken care, and transformed into a small and nice hotel. Jumped to my mind was like, oh, it isn't just beautiful. It's like a graceful old lady full of wisdom and knowledge. Noble in anyway.

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A Javanese house has certain meaning in each and every part of it. And the most sacred place is in the center part, called sentong, guarded by a pair of bride and groom statue, called loroblonyo.
If you're interested to know more about a Javanese house and its meaning, click here. You'll find a brief story about it and its philosophy. 

Hotel Indrakila
Jalan Tirtodipuran no. 30 Yogyakarta
phone: +62 274-372429

Another house I visited was Pendopo nDalem, another royal house, a grander one - as you can see - just behind the Yogyakarta palace. A similar 'pattern', but more lavishly decorated and ornated, and transformed into a nice restaurant.

Pendopo nDalem Restaurant

Jl Sompilan No 12 Ngasem Yogyakarta Indonesia
Phone/Fax : +62-274-385777
blog : www.pendopondalem.blogspot.com

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